Prostate MRI Dataset

Dataset Description   

Prostate MRI Dataset  was developed on the basis of long-lasting partnerships with global medical entities, and data optimization by the experts in the field. All Medical Data Cloud data have been de-identified in accordance with regulatory standards. 


Annotation and Customization

Medical Data Cloud has an extensive expertise in medical data annotation and can accurately, quickly and cost-effectively annotate this and other datasets to the customer’s requirements for Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence projects.



Method: Typically via secure server and flexible

Frequency: as needed by the customer and depending on the desired volume availability 



DICOM, json


About the provider  

Medical Data Cloud is developing and commercializing high quality, custom Medical, Radiological and Surgical datasets, including video and imaging datasets, for ML/AI projects in Medtech and Healthcare. The company has the technological infrastructure and expertise to efficiently collect, verify and index medical data from various data sources and formats. The company’s experts in data science, artificial intelligence and medical domains specialize in creating high quality, custom datasets to the customer specifications. Medical Data Cloud has one the largest independent medical imaging databases and data networks globally with access to radiological tests (CT, MRI, PET/CT scan, Ultrasound, other), pathology and cytology tests, as well as laparoscopic, endoscopic and other procedural videos. Further, the company has extensive expertise in highly accurate, fast and cost-effective annotation of complex medical images, video, and other medical data for AI projects. Medical Data Cloud has a first-class quality control system and works with certified medical, radiological and surgical experts to deliver the required results. This allows Medical Data Cloud to provide for its customers one stop solution for all their dataset needs. The company serves large and medium enterprises, and medical technology start-ups. 


MRI of the prostate gland allows one to perform layer-by-layer scanning of the organ, identify changes in tissues, and detect neoplasms in the early stages.

MRI of the prostate may reveal:

  • Malignant tumors of the prostate
  • Benign neoplasms and prostatic hyperplasia
  • Abscesses
  • Malformations
  • Inflammatory diseases such as prostatitis
  • Traumatic organ damage

The use of MRI provides ample opportunities in the detection and differentiation of neoplasms. With its help, it is possible to detect a tumor and suggest the stage of its malignancy. In prostate cancer, MRI allows assessing the state of regional lymph nodes and detecting metastases in the spine or pelvic bones, as well as detecting relapse after radical treatment.

Age group: 18 and older
Gender: male
Data type: MRI
Format: DICOM, json
Organ: Prostate

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