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Multicystic kidney dysplasia retroperitoneal and abdominal medical image datasets

Multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK) is the result of abnormal fetal development of the kidney. The kidney consists of irregular cysts of varying sizes that resemble a bunch of grapes. A MCDK has no function and nothing can be done to save it. This condition only affects one of the kidneys, the other healthy kidney will usually grow larger to compensate for the cystic one. Due to the increased use of prenatal imaging, many children are diagnosed before birth. After birth, a renal and bladder ultrasound is ordered to confirm the diagnosis. On ultrasound the kidney will appear as several cysts with no surrounding functioning kidney. In some situations a renal scan may be ordered to confirm that the kidney has no function. Our database consists of kidney ultrasound and CT medical images with varying levels of pathology accompanied with detailed radiology reports.

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