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Pancreatic adenoma abdominal image datasets

Adenomas of pancreas are a rare, benign tumor of the pancreas characterized by variable number and size of the cysts lined with glycogen rich epithelial cells. Clinical manifestation may include epigastric or abdominal pain, weight loss, diabetes, jaundice and palpable abdominal mass. Until premalignant and benign lesions can reliably be differentiated from malignant cystic neoplasms, most experts argue that cysts suspicious for malignancy should be resected. The preoperative evaluation should begin with a high-resolution pancreatic protocol CT scan that includes a precisely timed intravenous contrast infusion to enhance the pancreatic parenchyma and surrounding vessels. Our database consists of CT abdominal medical images with varying levels of pathology, with and without contrast. Our CT abdominal image dataset is constantly enriched by new quality imagery data.
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